Key Features & Benefits

The Quick Pay Checker reduces the cost and improves the quality of payroll parallel run testing with the following key features and benefits;

  • Excel-based front end makes the product familiar and easy to use. The product does not require skilled technical or functional staff to operate so reducing resource costs. 
  • Requires virtually no configuration so can be used almost immediately.
  • Product operates as a standalone application and is independent to the payroll systems being tested. Therefore the product is immune from product upgrades and compatibility issues. 
  • The scope of the testing is scalable and can manage both large and small payrolls effectively. 
  • A variety of mapping options are available to allow for all combinations of data mapping, including the ability to group and categorise elements together. 
  • In-built checks and validations capture key problems early in the testing process. 
  • Predictive reasoning assists with the comparison data checks and also prevents rechecking recurrent problems. This helps to reduce the time spent on the analysis stage.
  • Issue allocation and fix register provides problem trace ability and reduces the number of reoccurring problems. 
  • Integration scripts available for Oracle E-Business suite to further expedite data mapping and extraction.
  • A structured and documented approach to comparison analysis reduces the number of test iterations and consequently reduces the timescale of the testing process. 
  • Management statistics and reports provide quality up-to-date information to the project board. 
  • Test history is retained to assist with auditing and accountability. 
  • Reduced testing costs give implementers a competitive end of other providers. 


So whether you are a payroll user or a payroll implementor the Quick Pay Checker can improve your payroll testing experience and save you time and money.


How does the Quick Pay Checker work?


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