The quick and simple data comparison tool.

Do you have a successful Parallel Run test strategy?

Whether you are implementing a new payroll system, expanding or upgrading an existing payroll system a well-managed parallel run test strategy is crucial to the success of your project.


Currently project managers, when faced with this task, opt for a system of manual checks and/or technical bespoke solutions to perform the payroll run comparisons. In nearly all cases the methods chosen are costly in terms of both time and resource.

Why choose the Quick Pay Checker?

The Quick Pay Checker is an easy to use excel-based data-comparison tool that promotes a structured approach to payroll parallel run testing.  


It provides swift comparison results and early indicators that help users resolve key issues quickly.  With Reason Roll Forward it prevents users from rechecking the same issue twice. 


It allows non-technical staff the ability to take ownership of the payroll testing process and instantly provide project management with progress statistics and reports.  


It is scalable, to allow high level comparisons of large payrolls or more detailed analysis of smaller payrolls. 


With all these features, the Quick Pay Checker will enable you to complete the parallel run test process more accurately, quicker and with less effort.  Overall, it can reduce the cost and duration of your parallel run test process by 50%.


How can the Quick Pay Checker benefit your testing process?


How does the Quick Pay Checker work?